Personal Information
Saudi Arabia
Qassim - Buraydah
Name: Abdulmogeeb Mohammed AlHumaid
Email :
Date of birth : 1989-1409
Founder of :
a Brief

I am specialized in English linguistics, I like computing and I support software freedom. 6 years as a researcher in religions and old civilizations and history.I do like volunteering to teach others whatever I can , any place, any time.I was born in Saudi Arabia - Buraydah, I do not like some aspects in my city and country and I hope to be a good changing reason for my Islamic and Arabic nation. I do not believe in any ethnic differences among people and I only believe in individual differences that people choose. I am funny and I hate being too formal either in my look or my talk

  • PHP Programmer
  • GNU/Linux system expert
  • Databases system
  • Web Developer
  • Moodle System professional
  • BA, Excellence
  • Perfect English speech and writing
  • Computer assited language learning
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Translation, English Arabic
  • IT Management
  • web services
  • PHP programmer
  • Language Labs solutions
  • Taught Linux+
  • E-learning
  • Data analysis
  • IT support
  • GNU/Linux training
  • GNU/Linux server admin
  • Moodle development
  • Create Moodle based systems
  • Networking
  • Taught English for children TESL
  • Taught English for adults TESL
  • E-learning TESL
  • Translated offical and unoffical documents
  • Lessons designing for teachers
  • Software Freedom Day award from QU University in 2012
  • Award for volunteering to teach GNU/Linux at QU University 2013
  • TEDx Bukayriyah a speaker award 2014
  • Accrolade from SQU 2016
  • Award for training SKU's students 2016
  • Honor Certificate from HERTVEC com. in the honor of Price Faisal Ibn Mishael 2016
  • Prize for work volunteer confrence 2017
  • Certificvate of achievement IMAMU 2017